Frequently asked questions

Below are few most frequently asked questions by our customers.

  • I want only a few of all the available services.
  • You have the option of using only services you want. Upon login, in setup page, you can enable/disable any service anytime.

  • Would my website users know about this service usage?
  • Browser logs, Performance metrics and Screen-shots are not visible to the user. Enabling Chat and/or Feedback results in placing a clickable icon at lower right corner of your website.

  • Is my data secure?
  • We take atmost care in securing our servers and data. All data communication is over https and all resources are protected with strong passwords and security policies.

  • Does the solution work on mobile browsers?
  • Yes. SiteDynamics providers identical functionality on mobile browsers as that of desktop/laptop browsers.
  • What browsers are supported?
  • All popular browsers namely Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are supported.
  • How to use browser logs?
  • In your website application code, instead of console.log(), replace with log.i() (this is for info level), log.d (debug level), log.w (warning) and log.e (of course error). The log messages will be available within your account.

  • How to use user feedback?
  • Your website users click on 'Give Feedback' option available at lower right corner of your site. This opens up a small window with a form to enter the message. Upon submission, the message becomes available to you on your account. The feedback can be given for every page of your site.

  • How to chat with users?
  • Your website users click on 'Start Chat' option available at lower right corner of your site. They will be waiting till some representative joins. You, assuming the role of representative, login to account and navigate to 'Chat'. Click on 'Join' button and you and site user can start the Chat. You are shown all data for this site user such as browser details, site page this user is chatting from, and any logs/feedback by this user.

  • How to use use performance metrics?
  • You don't need to do anything for this. The user performance metrics (user side) get uploaded periodically to under your account. Login to your account navigate to 'performance' page to query the performance data.

  • How to use screen-shots?
  • You don't need to do anything for this. The user's browser screen-shots get uploaded periodically to under your account. Login and navigate to 'Screenshots' page to query and see the screen-shot images.

  • Anything else I should know about the solution?
  • As most of the websites, this solution too uses cookies for its functionalities. You have to take care of informing your site users about cookies usage.

How do screens look like?
Enable/disable service picture
Enable/Disable services anytime
Use filters to query data
Powerful filters to query data
Sample tabular form data
Tabular form of the data
Sample Graphicaal reports form
Graphical representation of same data.
Chat with your site users
Chat with your site users, with ease.
Site uptime monitoring
Know your site status anytime.
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