Collect, Monitor & User Engagement solution for your website.


Inter-connected features for a complete insight.

Features offered

Visitor Insights
  • Detailed info about your site visitors, page flows and time spent.
  • Know about users dropping off and the pages.
  • Graphical reports for greater insight.

Real-time Help
  • Offer help in real-time, specific to errors your user sees.
  • On-demand help that is tailored for the page user is on.

Remote Browser Logs
  • Auto-upload your user browser logs to the server.
  • Filter and Query messages on variety of criteria. Graphs to understand the trends and patterns.

Real User Performance
  • Know the performance metrics as observed by your site user (Real User Performance Monitoring).
  • Find resources contributing to bad performance.
  • Use the metrics to improve your site performance.
  • Know about resource load speeds, network calls and more..

Runtime Errors
  • Capture Network Call Errors and Javascript errors in user browser.
  • Get notified when errors occur.
  • Errors could be HTTP status codes 4xx or 5xx

Server Uptime
  • Monitor your website server for Up-time.
  • Get notified when your site becomes unreachable.

User Feedback
  • Seek feedback about your site or pages from your users.
  • Query and see what is good and what is not.
  • Use the feedback to make improvements.

  • Chat from any page of your site and any number of users.
  • Get chat notifications when you are online or offline.
  • Complete web analytics of the chat user for faster resolutions.

  • Periodically auto capture & upload user browser screen-shots.
  • Runs in background - no intervention to user activity.
  • Exclude capturing screen-shots of selective pages.

Inter-connected services.

  • Each service integrated with other for easy navigation across services. (e.g., See perrformanance metrics of a dropped user)
  • Complete information about your each site visitor, without knowing their identity.
  • Flexible configuraton - control services even at IP address level.
  • Enable or disable any service, anytime!!
  • Powerful reports in graphical and tabular form. See few samples here.
  • Easily export data if you need to.
Inter-connected services

Enterprise level quality


Our solution is enterprise level scalable to meet demands of any amount of load, at any time.


We adopt very tight security policies and access control restrictions so that data is ultra safe.

Always Available

Our distributed design makes the solution available and ready for you always.

How it works

  • Complete sign up.
  • Upon login, you will be shown a javascript code snippet (5 lines).
  • Copy the javascript code to your website page in the head section. Thats all!!
  • Within few moments you will start to see various records in your account.
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